Sergio Ostroverhy (b. 1966) studied at the Academie des Beaux Arts, Budapest, Harvard University, Massachusetts and the Academie Julien (Penningen), Paris.


In 1987 he joined the French Army and has since served for twenty years. During his time in the army he served in the Paris Fire Brigade and was decorated with a medal for an Act of Courage and Devotion for his efforts in the Armenian earthquake of 1988. He then went on to become a war correspondent serving in both the French Foreign Legion and the Alpine Hunters. For each collaboration with the Paris Fire Brigade, the French Foreign Legion and the Alpine Hunters Sergio executed three monumental frescos which currently hang in their respective public spaces.


Sergio's work has been internationally recognized, receiving high honors from various prestigious art organizations. Portraits of 300 Firemen was included in the New York City Fire Museum's 1997 annual exhibition where it was awarded the first place award in show. Sergio has also been internationally recognized as a distinguished painter of portraits in both the United States (National Portrait Painter's Competition) and in Europe (British Petroleum Portrait Competition, Competition of the Institute des Beaux Arts).



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